Time Elapsed Since Ante Pavkovic Lied And Said He'd Debate Maestroh

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For The Uninformed...

You have reached the blog dedicated to telling the truth about one of the most notorious and hypocritical "Christians" in cyberspace, Ante Pavkovic. A Croat who was fittingly born on Halloween (that's true, he was!), Mr. Pavkovic is something of an Internet bully. You've probably seen his style of attack before - conveniently behind a CB radio-type handle and complete with threats and tough talk. He's the Boise State of the Internet, a braggadoccio who will always talk big and tough but challenged to go mano a mano in a public forum, he always folds his cards. Oh - and blames you.

Pavkovic posts under a number of predictable psuedonyms. These include Providential1611, Sola Scriptora, A N Pavkovic, and Synergism. He even once posted on the Light After Darkness board - hard as it is to believe now - as the heretic Servetus.

He has been banned from Charisma, LAD, Sharper Iron, and CARM - and those are just the ones I know about.

He is a loud-mouth who thinks he knows a lot of theology, but he's dumber than crap. He will always talk tough - but just challenge him to a debate and our specimen of semen suddenly develops yellow fever. He is a liar, who lies virtually every time he opens his mouth - but he quickly calls you one so as to detract from his pathetic presentation.

He hates Calvinists, Maestroh, Muslims, gays, and virtually anyone else you can name. He has been exposed on here as an undeniable, undiluted, and unrepentant HYPOCRITE who likes to hang out with a registered sex offender. Read on for documentation of all this.

Funny thing is that he thinks he's called of God to "expose" Todd Bentley. He is a King James Onlyist of the Ruckmanite stripe, a prick* who is more clueless than Barack Obama. His own hypocrisy - I've confronted him with it and he dimissed it as unimportant. The guy actually claims that James White came to "Charisma" and that Ante wiped the floor with him.

Sure. That explains his cowardice now, doesn't it? I just found him on a Yahweh board and noticed he got his ass* rolled again. Keep reading.

Please note - the words with * are words found in the KJV. Because they are Bible words - according to Ante - they are NOT name-calling.

That's right - he said that.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ante Earns His Ph.D. - For Piled High And Deeper

So our little bag of misfortune recently said this:

Providential1611 said...
Julie, I do allow other points of view. What I won't allow are personal attacks that have no basis in reality as a form of debating what we did and what I wrote. Calling me names does not disprove what we did or our explanation for why we went. Martin cannot refute what we did Scripturally, nor can he refute the fact that Todd has been caught in many lies, which I others have documented. Google Ad Hominem, and you will understand what Martin was doing.

For example, if I prove from the Bible that something Rick Joyner wrote is seriously wrong and unBiblical, and Rick responds with "well you are a Pharisee", how is that answering the points made against his doctrinal ideas? You see, it isn't, but it is a convenient method of NOT ANSWERING a rebuke and instead changing the subject and making the issue the person bringing the charge rather than the charge itself. It is dishonest on a number of levels, and that is what Martin was doing.

April 20, 2010 11:15 AM



Ante Pavkovic has just described HIMSELF to a tee. This is the guy who - told from the Bible he has NO DEFENSE of his KJV Onlyism - said, "Your problem is your a liar."

How in the world is that any different? It isn't. This lying sack of garbage continues on his merry way oblivous to his two-facedness. What a witness for the Jesus who will judge him with the same lack of integrity Ante uses towards others.


No Time To Debate, But Time To Post?


Lying Ante Pavkovic (doesn't that sound like the name of a pro wrassler?) has another blog. And in his studliness of masculinity guess what? He doesn't have his name on it.

Oh and howsabout the comments of a poster named Julie - who pointed out Ante Pavkovic's own hypocrisy for him?

Julie said...
Unless posts contain blasphemy or profanity, it upsets me that you do not allow another points of view to be expressed simply because it is contrary to yours. Funny...in reading your article I found more personal attacks made by you than by "Martin". What happended to your original mission of saving babies...I used to support this ministry but find that I can no longer do so. Judgement WILL begin in the house of the Lord and you, sir, will not be exempt anymore than the rest of us.

Most excellent. Lying Ante Pavkovic is reaching out his lying even further.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Is King James Onlyist Ante Pavkovic Quoting From the New Living Translation?

On February 5 of this year, Operation Save America's resident nutbag Ante Pavkovic launched another one of his broadsides against his fellow Christians. Pavkovic has become something of an Internet clown over the last decade with his hateful 'defenses' of the King James Bible as the only real Bible, including attacking this particular blogger personally numerous times.

Why then in the speech cited did Ante Pavkovic cite from the New Living Translation bible in his diatribe against Todd Bentley?

What did Ante Pavkovic say on March 8, 2001 on his very own "Charisma" thread?

A prayerful, open study of all the materials, including a understanding of the argument posited by Hills regarding where the logic of faith and Preservation leads, causes you to come to a right conclusion. You cannot escape where the trail of truth, facts and history lead--the AV1611. It is THE BIBLE.

He follows this with:

The obvious fact that God refuses to let men push aside the version that He was pleased to give to the world should cause you to be careful sir, lest on judgement day you find that you partook of other men's sins--the attacking and undermining of the very words of God. I know that such a thought is foreign to most christians, who don't even think about the fact that one day they will stand before God and give a thorough account to Him. What seems like nothing now may be a BIG DEAL THEN!

Why then after saying that somebody was undermining the very words of God would Ante Pavkovic himself use a version that - according to him - is based on a "Hortian lie" (3/7/01) and undermines God's Word?

The answer, of course, is that Ante Pavkovic is a pompous hypocrite who thinks God has one set of standards for him and another for every single other person on the planet. This is hardly the first time Pavkovic has been caught dead-to-rights being a hypocrite as this blog amply documents.

OSA may or may not be a KJVO organization, I don't know; I do know, however, they have a hypocrite as one of their leading front men.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yet Another Lie By Ante Pavkovic

The Internets have been quiet with any response from Ante Pavkovic. Face it, when you get caught red-handed LYING out your backside (as he has) and being two-faced, you simply keep a very low profile. But just so we can establish a quick link for anyone looking for information on this pathetic liar, let's make it simple.

Now let's make it clear: Ante Pavkovic has said VERY CLEARLY : "Well, he was a slanderous liar. Where do liars go? See Rev 21:8"

Make no mistake: Ante Pavkovic has determined from his own warped interpretation of Scripture that liars go to Hell. Fair enough. So then if we can simply prove that Ante Pavkovic himself LIES then what would that mean? Well, it would mean he's heading for a Southbound address, hot with no chance of clouds. Can we determine that Ante Pavkovic lies? Yes, we most certainly can. It is EASY to prove - so easy that his only 'rebuttal' has been to say that if you say he lies then you yourself are lying.

But let's go one step further: the same Bible Ante reads that says liars go to Hell ALSO says that hypocrites go to Hell (Matthew 24:51). So if one can prove Ante Pavkovic himself is a hypocrite then - according again to his own flawed human reasoning - Ante Pavkovic is going to Hell. Except, of course, he repents, which we pray for.

So given these foundations as voiced by Ante himself - can we find proof Ante Pavkovic lies? And can we find proof that Ante Pavkovic is a hypocrite?

The answer - sadly - is a pure and undiluted "yes." Here is a link list of examples:

1) Ante Pavkovic violated the very rules he promised he would follow at CARM.

Among the rules at CARM are no personal attacks (which he violated repeatedly), no public questioning of the moderators (which got him banned twice), and no coming back posting under another name. In a world where God said his yes should be yes, Ante hid under another name. First, he came back and posted as OneCalvinist. Then he came back and posted as praisejah.

(Some links don't work because he was banished forever from CARM - which only proves the point that he lied when he agreed to abide by the rules).

2) Ante calls people unbiblical designations and insists he has NOT done so.

His quote from CARM:
Maestroh likes to call people morons, asses, idiots, fools, and the like. I HAVE NOT called him such things--that is name calling.

But note here he calls me - among other things - a quack. Is THAT a biblical term?

No. But Ante says that using unbilbical designations is name calling. Yet that is EXACTLY what he did unless he can show me quack in the KJV.

3) On June 23, 2007, he claimed: "I would rather debate you live and in person before a church or crowd, with a moderator...If you want a debate, a real debate, and if you are so sure of your position, arrange a live debate, make sure YOU show up, and we'll see whose position is "flimsy". But the moment I found a moderator, I got some 20 or so excuses as to why he couldn't debate. In short, this Internet bully's answer went from "Let's rock" to "I've got a hangnail."

4) Ante stated that the NIV translation "had no reasons" for rendering Micah 5:2 as origins. What is funny is that this is one of the first points I made to him in March 2001 - on those threads he started posted and then thought better of.

But he had been warned TWICE before making this lying claim.

5) Ante uses Wikipedia after bashing another person for using Wikipedia citing it's unreliability.

6) Ante cites David Cloud as a source but then declares Cloud to be unreliable.

So what have we established?

Ante Pavkovic is a liar, plain and simple.

Ante Pavkovic is a hypocrite, plain and simple.

He needs to actually repent rather than calling for others to do what he is unwilling to do. His offense is public and consequently his repentance must also be public. Otherwise, Operation Save America has no business having a public liar in their ministry. If they do then it is a reflection upon them as aiding and abetting a known liar.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Hypocritical Slam Dunk: Ante Criticizes Someone For Using Wikipedia - And Then Uses It Himself!!

As I've said, the problem with Ante Pavkovic's hypocrisy is that you just don't even have to look very hard to find it. Let's see Ante fall on both sides of the issue just like Bil Clinton

1) Ante Blasts Another Poster For Using Wikipedia


Perhaps Steve is unaware that Wikepdia is HARDLY a research site. Anyone, AND I MEAN ANYONE can post there whatever they want! The fact he quotes from this FRIVILOUS source to "prove" I am a deceiver says it all. Someone has a pride-issue. I gave you qoutations and referred to you actual RESEARCH with Statistics and records of every study done to show accuracy. Steve responds with a Wiki article! LOL! That's how he can maintain his errors about what I have said, and about me personally.

Hmm. So Steve (whom Ante is attacking) is a deceiver who uses what Ante terms a frivolous source, huh?

So it's safe to say that Ante himself would NEVER use Wikipedia, right?

Oops - somebody just got busted again!!

Click here

Our brave little hypocrite tells us - in the fourth paragraph:

Rick Joyner’s mentors have been Bob Jones, a man who would counsel women to take off their clothes and “stand transparent before the Lord” while he "ministered" to them "prophetically" by fondling them (Wikipedia, Mike Bickle, note 16).

WOW!! Did you catch that? Ante Pavkovic slams a poster for using Wikipedia nd calls it frivlous BUT - as is ALWAYS the case with hypocrites like Ante - it wasn't too frivlous for HIM to use, was it?

(Now - I realize that Ante's method of "repenting" which he never does though demanding it of others - will be to simply edit it out. Too bad, Ante. I learned a lot from you and the first thing I learned is to save copoies when liars like you are exposed.

Oh and he can lie all he wants - I'm sure he'll blame somebody else. Mostly because that's what hypocrites like Ante Pavkovic always do when caught red-handed.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ante Pavkovic Shows Us That "Love For Jesus" With His Hate-Filled Mouth

Does Ante Pavkovic ever READ his Bible? I hope so because if he did he would see these haunting words in his very own KJV:

36But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 37For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Remember what I said about hypocrites - how the secret hope of a hypocrite is that God will judge him with a different scale? Well when your neck-deep in hypocrisy you can't move and oxygen can't get to your brain. As a consequence you post little rants on blogs - like Ante did on here. Let's take a look at it. This is from a post he put here on January 2, 2010, probably after sleeping it off.

It is your tactic that is different. After talking like a big, brave, physical man, after saying that I was beat up all the time, after talking like you do could have done this to me, now you want to play the "I'm a poor diabled veteran" routine.

Ante - let me talk real slow so that if you have ADHD you can process a rational thought.

You....have....been....challenged....to....a.....public.....debate...defending....your.....King......James......Onlyism. As....noted....in......the....intro.....to.....this......blog......you....have.....boldly......declared.....your.......desire.......for......this......debate.

The clock counts down from the time you made this grandiose "I'm a big, tough man" claim. Nor have I stated any desire to beat you up. I HAVE stated very clearly that you would most certainly not talk to people the way you do anonymously online or you would get your ass* kicked.

I HAVE ALSO stated that the reason you act so tough online must be because you were beaten up every day going home from school. Why else would you live out your schoolyard fantasies so anonymously? I HAVE ALSO said that at no time did I ever challenge you to a fist fight - I challenged you to a debate publicly. You accepted and put the onus on me. When I began to arrange it, you blinked. You cowered. In a word, you CHICKENED out. So all of your bravado and attempts to shift this onto me are litle more than the musings of a loud-mouthed fool. If I had challenged you to a fight that would be different, but I didn't. I decided to put a loud-mouthed fool named Ante Pavkovic in his place, and he upped the ante (if you'll pardon the pun) - and then he chickened out.

It was you then that began suggesting you'd come to Texas and straighten me out. But you weren't even willing to meet in a public debate, so why waste my time?

Now - I AM a disabled veteran, like it or not. I've not made any fist fight challenges; I've very simply challenged you to back up all your big talk online publicly. You simply don't have the balls to take the public humiliation that would no doubt fall upon your pathetic attempts to justify that we didn't have a Bible until 1611. That's why you came up with some 21 or 22 excuses (I forget the count and what difference does it make? The mere fact you had ONE makes you a loud-mouthed fool who bit off more than he can chew).

You were too afraid to even have a moderated debate on CARM or do one on the CARM phone lines. Remember - YOU are the one who put no restrictions on a moderator, so please don't suddenly try to save your ugly face.

You shameless, gutless little liar.


What part of that don't you get, Holmes?

Were you disabled in combat?

No, nor have I ever said that I was. Have you ever done any more combat other than call people names online? Hmm?

No you were not liar.

Uh, you still haven't PROVEN this case and you've had what nine years now?

I, on the other hand, have exposed both your lies and your hypocrisy all on this blog. Where's YOUR repentance - the one you demand of OTHER people like Todd Bentley all the while going on lying and being a hypocrite day after day after day? Where, Ante?

Your lying and hypocrisy is as much a stench in the nostrils of God as is homosexuality, Ante-Christ.

You are simply a weak, frail excuse of a man with a big, lying mouth.

I'm not the one who insisted on a public debate and turn tail and run. Remember this Ante - despite your delusional/warped view of reality I HAVE NEVER RUN FROM YOU. You have, on the other hand, shot off your mouth and then run away from me.

Case closed, Bubba.

And now, when all your lying and calling real men "cowards" may involve a face to face confrontation, well now you wish to pretend what a poor little helpless veteran you are. You are a military reject who was "gotten rid of" by the military, according to your own words.

1) Still no proof of a lie that you can bring forward.
2) I didn't call a real man a coward; I called YOU one because that's what you are. I don't see you taking up the debate on CARM or anywhere else.
3) I didn't say I was poor and helpless; I said that you could probably beat me up. But you might want to think about that, Ante - if I'm the liar you allege then MAYBE...just maybe...I'm NOT what I said. Maybe in fact I'm 6'9" and would squash you like a bug. Then again you've already flushed yourself down the commode with all your false bravado and failure to follow through on your promise to wipe the floor with me in a debate.
4) I have an honorable discharge, Ante. You never bothered to ask the facts because you are little more than a hateful little, legalistic prick*.

You see, Bitter Bill, it is YOU who lies real good. You are the liar. I have pointed it out.

Well, you've also said David Cloud was not reliable and then quoted him yourself, you've made up facts on the spot, and in the next few days I've uncovered another one of your hypocrisies that I'm going to link to Deception Bytes.

I realize you don't care. Is that demonic possession that causes that?

You lie every time you say I lie.

I've proven you've lied. All anyone has to do to see YOUR hypocrisy is click a link or two here. You can't dispute it, Holmes, because they link to YOUR words. I'm serious - do you have a drinking problem or are you just that much of a two-faced hypocrite?

Its clearly your sin of choice, and you engage in it every day of your disgraceful life.

One would therefore EXPECT PROOF of this, wouldn't they? If this were true you wouldn't STILL be running after shooting off your mouth about a debate.

The record is clear, Ante.

You lie your ass* off and think God looks the other way. I tell the truth about you and the gays you hate will confront you with your hateful ways.


If words like ass* or prick* offended you, please note that according to Ante Pavkovic, use of those terms is OK. Why? Because they are BIBLICAL designations, found in the KJV. I'm simply using his own method against him.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Ante Hypocrisy

Want some irony? Our resident hypocrite - the one who whines about 'slander' on this blog that simply quotes him (I guess he's slandering himself) - types this:

Hank and the rapture!
Sola Scriptora

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Dear power2U;

A lot of people DON'T trust Hank the heretic Hanegraff. He attacks everything and everyone. He is also a hypocrite who lives in a big, expensive house while chiding prosperity preachers. He does not believe in all the Bible says, just the parts that suit his vain mind. He has slandered thousands of ministers, and moves of God around the world. He even had the gall to speak against the ministry and teachings Charles Finney! The man is arrogant.



In one post, Ante Pavkovic - who whines about people 'slandering' him when all that's been done is a collection of his infantile posts:
a) Calls a Christian brother a 'heretic'
b) Uses a generalization (he attacks everyone and everything) that is absurd on its face
c) Calls the man a hypocrite

And after all these expressions of Christian love, what does Ante say?

"He has slandered thousands of ministers."

The only thing I would say is that operating on the principle of "It takes one to know one," perhaps Ante is right when he calls Hank a hypocrite. If anyone would know about hypocrisy, it's Ante Pavkovic.

Ante Pavkovic Debates....Ante Pavkovic

As I've noted earlier, we are parsing through the wicked lies and repeated hypocrisies of an Internet fundamentalist (a book burner who also burns non-KJV Bibles), a public speaker for Operation (En)S(l)ave America, Ante Pavkovic. Pavkovic has himself a long resume of picking fights on the Net and getting tossed off of discussion boards. But unfortunately for him there's a paper trail. Last time we covered Ante's hypocrisy about David Cloud. And on "Deception Bytes" I covered his hypocrisy regarding his own judgment of people's souls. So now we see that Ante just makes it up as he goes (in other words, LIES) when he tells us about church history.

Twins Separated At Birth?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ante Pavkovic: David Cloud Is, Is Not, Is Reliable....

In further developments of how hypocritical someone can be, let's consider the twin cases of Ante Pavkovic regarding David Cloud, whom he deems an infallible pope when it comes to the KJV but dismisses regarding almost everything else.

First we have


How do we know the Ante-Christ thinks this? Because he quotes Cloud on October 31, 2004 on Worthy Boards (about a week after he'd been banished from 'Charisma' for his youthful discretions).

He precedes this with the following amusing claim:

Here is an answer to one of your questions. It is brief, and much more could be said, but I've got to go so, I'll give more if you are really interested, and in doing so, the facts presented with further show Bud's article is as fallacious as I've said:

In other words according to Psychopathkovic, Cloud is reliable. Well, maybe not. All of a sudden in March on Deception Bytes, Ante changes his tune. Confronted with a clipping from Cloud, Ante tells us:


Brian cites David Cloud, a man rabidly anti-Pentecostal who seeks to poison the well of this discussion. He is hardly an impartial source, and is not fair to Pentecostals. You see, we are "of the Devil" because we are Pentecostal.


So according to Pavkovic, the reliability of a source depends upon whether or not the source AGREES WITH HIM!!!!

More two-facedness from the Master of it all.

Ante Pavkovic's Cowardly Rant Against Me On Deception Bytes

Our specimen of Psycho-pathkovic manhood recently demonstrated it by turning tail and running from CARM and then - without the courage to debate online on CARM - decided to flail away at me again. And once again demonstrated that his depths of Hell lying knows no bounds. Wrote our resident mean Croat:

I was wondering when you would play your "ace" card Brian, it was inevitable that it would come, seeing the kind of individual you have shown yourself to be.You always reminded me of your "source". It stands to reason that one dishonest slanderer would cite as a reference another dishonest slander and liar. It is like Obama citing Clintons as a reliable source. Your "source" goes on HOMOSEXUAL WEBSITES looking for slander about me(you see, the Sodomites hate us because we go to Gay Pride events and preach the Gospel and contradict their message). Your "source" quotes Sodomite slanders against Christians! What a source!  Your "source" was run out of the military, according to his own words, ( see here   http://refutingliars.forumotion.net/the-whole-sad-story-in-chronological-order-f1/part-one-who-is-bill-brown-t2.htm), and he wishes them ill, according to his own words, and is still bitter about it to this day. Your "source" does not believe God preserved His words in any book anywhere, and if anyone says He did, your "source" will attack and villify that person with all the gusto of a demon-possessed man. Nice "Christian" source. You know Brian, you ought to check out your sources a little better. You operate mostly on hearsay, and so have fallen prey to not only being a purveyor of all kinds of error, but now you promote slander and defamation. What a splendid "Christianity" you put forth for others to imitate. No thanks. Ye cessationists are some of the most hateful individuals I have ever dealt with, and that includes rabid Sodomites screaming at us while we present the gospel to them. I would never forsake the Spirit-filled life for the kind of sorry "Christianity" demonstrated here. No thanks.

Now let's just break this down line-by-line and see where the Ante-Christ has crossed the line.

I was wondering when you would play your "ace" card Brian, it was inevitable that it would come, seeing the kind of individual you have shown yourself to be.You always reminded me of your "source". It stands to reason that one dishonest slanderer would cite as a reference another dishonest slander and liar.

Now once again for what must be the ten thousandth time, Ante Pavkovic alleges that I am a liar and a slanderer. But he has had now NINE YEARS to actually PROVE that this is true. He continues to whine about 'slander,' but asked to give even one specific example, he cannot do it. And that is why this blog was born. Documenting the lying musings of a crminal (what else do you call a person who gets arrested on the floor of the US Senate?) is easy pickings.

It is like Obama citing Clintons as a reliable source.
This from a guy who cited Gail Riplinger as a reliable source. So much for reliability from OSA.

Your "source" goes on HOMOSEXUAL WEBSITES looking for slander about me(you see, the Sodomites hate us because we go to Gay Pride events and preach the Gospel and contradict their message).

This statement has a number of lies as well but if you've been to this blog even once, what else do you expect from the Ante-Christ?

1) I do not go to 'homosexual websites.'

He is referencing a blog I cited from someone who noted his pathetic existence on 'Charisma' back in the day. Of course, the fact that Pavkovic KNOWS that this is a 'homosexual website' (it isn't, it is a blog written by a homosexual - which I didn't know but the Psychopathkovic most certainly did) indicates his own travelings there, so bashing me for citing something about him there is hypocritical anyway.

2) Nor did I find slander about him.

Unfortunately, Ante had his picture taken with a good buddy of his. Who happened to be a registered sex offender. These are the people Mr. Pavkovic is comfortable hanging around. It's NOT MY FAULT he likes to hang around such criminals. It's NOT MY FAULT that there's a picture on the Net of him doing it. Is it slander to point out the TRUTH about this? Nope. Hence, I didn't find any 'slander' on him, just a photograph. If he doesn't want his picture taken with a sex offender then he shouldn't hang around one.

Your "source" quotes Sodomite slanders against Christians! What a source!

This from a guy who has cited Gail Riplinger, George Lamsa, and David Cloud (although hypocritically -see a later post for this) as reliable sources.

Oh and notice he didn't give even ONE example. That's because the man is a lying fool who can't prove a claim to save his life.

Your "source" was run out of the military, according to his own words, ( see here   http://refutingliars.forumotion.net/the-whole-sad-story-in-chronological-order-f1/part-one-who-is-bill-brown-t2.htm), and he wishes them ill, according to his own words, and is still bitter about it to this day.

Ante picked up a response I put - just to make sure the co-conspirators got it - FIVE YEARS AGO!!! Wow!! And according to him 'I'm bitter about it to this day.' Nope. I'm drawing over $13,000 from your taxes, Ante, and there ain't a thing in the world you can do about it. Tax free, buddy!! That was my 'punishment.'


What is amusing is Ante even bringing this issue up. What drove him to such maddening lengths? The same thing that always does, somebody got the best of him on a discussion board and instead of thinking about it, his pride got hurt and he got mad.

What happened was this: given his prior history of lying and making up facts on the spot but then getting bailed out by his banishment from boards (and thus his lying posts removed), I decided to save his comments. I knew a liar like Ante couldn't refrain from lying for very long. Just as some of the loudest anti-gay folks have turned out to be gay themselves, Mr. Pavkovic calls others liars because that's exactly what he is. So this time I saved his posts and pointed out his lies.

Now - you would THINK a guy who claims to be so 'Spirit filled' as Ante would have at least an ounce of humility to acknowledge he got caught. After all, this is the same hypocrite who is demanding that OTHER PEOPLE he alleges have sinned to repent.


So what does Ante do? Instead of admitting he got caught red-handed - and he most certainly did - Ante decided to do what politicians do. He played the old "If I find something out bad about him then that makes my own sinful garbage OK." (Funny how such a 'Spirit filled' clown can act worse than the most worldly people many of us know, isn't it?). So he went over to Classmates, found my name, and found something I wrote WAY BACK in 2005!!

Never did he come to me and ask what anything meant because, like the fool he is, he thinks he knows. And then he opened up a forum to bash me with - after whining for a year about how I was 'slandering' him. Of course his posts are hilarious and demonstrate beyond all doubt what a commode sucking liar he actually is.

He has threatened to show the 'Charimsa' debates. He'll never do that, though, not in their entirety for two reasons. One, it was an INTERACTION, not a debate (you'd think Ante would have paid attention that Ergun Caner is now in hot water over the same type lies Ante himself has told), and once people read this they will know that.

They will also know something else - that Ante got his ass* handed to him and badly. He had NO COHERENT or meaningful response to the eighteen irrefutable points about KJV Onlyism I posted - yet to hear him tell it, he 'refuted' them all. He didn't, and he knows he didn't. If he had, of course, he wouldn't still be bluffing two years later. Furthermore, if he had wiped the floor with me like he alleges, he would have jumped to debate in a heartbeat. He has avoided it like Obama avoids Fox News. But back to the Classmates attack.

Ante TRULY BELIEVES that it really doesn't matter what a liar he is - just so long as he can prove something negative about your person then that makes him right. One must imagine how black the sinful heart of a man would have to be to stoop to such levels but for Ante it's probably reaching up.

He has threatened to sue me, but he knows full well he would fare no better in a jury chair (assuming a court was stupid enough to take it) than he has online.

He has basically threatened to come down to Texas and straighten me out, he has threatened to show the 'Charisma' debates. Indeed, there are no end to the empty threats of an empty suit with an empty cranium.

And Ante's proof of how his lies are not lies? "Well, Maestroh is a military reject." Good one, Ante. And proof you have no recourse other than to admit what a pathetic liar and hypocrite you are. I know, you'll never admit it, but hey everybody else knows it.

On with the show.

Your "source" does not believe God preserved His words in any book anywhere,

This is a fabrication as well. What Ante means when he says this is that I don't limit God's preserved words to AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION that has its own imperfections. Ante doesn't, either. When the KJV has heretical readings like Romans 8:16, he defends them. But then he hypocritically bashes the NIV for what he deems a heretical reading in Micah 5:2. That's what hypocrites do. Well that and hang around registered sex offenders.

and if anyone says He did, your "source" will attack and villify that person with all the gusto of a demon-possessed man.

Wow. If anybody would know vilification it's this worthless piece of dung. This is a guy who has been banned from Charisma, CARM, Sharper Iron, and God Himself knows where else.

And demon-possessed, huh? Wouldn't that be considered SLANDEROUS oh two face of Zagreb?

Oh and btw - Ante was challenged to PROVE this in a debate. After talking big trash about how he'd wipe the floor with me, Ante turned tail and ran like the coward that he is - the moment he realized a debate might actually happen.

Nice "Christian" source. You know Brian, you ought to check out your sources a little better. You operate mostly on hearsay, and so have fallen prey to not only being a purveyor of all kinds of error, but now you promote slander and defamation.

But isn't Ante the one who suggested I'm demon possessed? Ante is also the one who slandered Raymond Low, jsdiv3, BAP, John MacArthur, and Bono - of the latter actually saying he could not possibly be a Christian. Why? Because Bono is a rock musician!!! And in Ante's bigoted worldview, rock musicians are lost.

What a splendid "Christianity" you put forth for others to imitate. No thanks.
Well, none of us is imitating hanging around sex offenders now are we? Oh that's right, you're actually DOING it. OK.

Ye cessationists are some of the most hateful individuals I have ever dealt with, and that includes rabid Sodomites screaming at us while we present the gospel to them.

Talk about slander!! Is there a picture of this guy in the dictionary next to the word 'hypocrite' or what? Out of one side of his hate-filled mouth he whines about slander - and out of the other he calls his theological opponents "some of the most hateful individuals" he has ever dealt with.

Then again if anyone would know hate it's Ante Pavkovic. He is, after all, part of a group that burns Bibles that are not the KJV. I guess it takes one to know one.

I would never forsake the Spirit-filled life for the kind of sorry "Christianity" demonstrated here. No thanks.

Well, Ante is full of something, but it ain't the Spirit.

Who's Running From Whom?

Ante Pavkovic, a North Carolina-based KJV Onlyist Pentecostal who is comfortable hanging around registered sex offenders, has made his name well-known over the past decade with his un-Christian behavior on numerous websites that include Worthy Boards, Sharper Iron (where he was banned after only five posts - well, under his SECOND name anyway), CARM, Light After Darkness, and Charisma. Pavkovic has been banished from ALL of those boards except Worthy Boards, where he hasn't posted in over five years.

But Ante is quite fond of being a hypocrite, one of the few things at which he excels. (The other is lying his tail off as this board so amply documents). Yet another example of the blind man's hypocrisy can be found by purusing his Worthy Boards posts and looking at some of the accusations he has made. One of his common bush league tactics is to accuse anyone who doesn't want to listen to his verbal abuse, slander, and lies - and thus takes the high road by not engaging the Internet equivalent of a rabid dog - of 'running away.'

Of course, this blog has DOCUMENTED that the Ante-Christ himself has turned tail and run like a little chicken away from an ACTUAL DEBATE. He talks real big but the moment it appeared an actual debate was going to happen, he cashed in his chips and said he had to go to the bathroom. Of course, when you're that full of it....

Anyway, let's see the Internet's biggest hypocrite in action. This is from Worthy Boards:

Sola Scriptora

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You've hit no nerve, you are simply running, as predicted. I called your bluff, and you have wasted no time engaging in retreat. Be honest, the truth is you see the handwriting on the wall. Now why don't you do as you said and "beat" me with your superior knowledge you claim to possess? Surely it must be an elementary task for someone of your stature and learning?



Not only is Ante using the language of a sinful game like poker, he is accusing someone else who is not engaging him of running away. But Ante himself has run away from challenge after challenge to defend his KJV Onlyism. He CLAIMS to have smoked me twice in debates on 'Charisma.' Of course it was OVER A YEAR AGO that he threatened to post those debates online, but still nothing from H.R. Puff-n-Puff. Oh, I take that back. He did put up about 1/2 of a first post. Of course he then realized that that also gave me access to point out his phony propaganda and spin on those same threads, so he opted to not go there.

The FACT is that Ante Pavkovic himself is little more than a debate coward. He criticizes others and accuses them of running away, but he himself has never manned up and debated this issue. Why? Because he knows he's wrong.

And that tells more about the decrepit condition of the soul than anything else.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ante Pavkovic: Ignorant Church Historian

From Worthy Boards on January 16, 2005:

No, you are wrong. You qoute verses that have absolutely nothing to do with what I said or believe. I gave you a Scriptural synopsis of NT teaching on the Spirit of God and his workings in this, His Dispensation.

Cessassionism is unScriptural. It is a denial of a fundamental and obvious teaching of the Scirptures. It is a doctrine based on experince--or the lack thereof. You are following a man-made doctrine, and guess who the originator of cessassionism was? John Calvin.

John Calvin was the originator of cessationism? (Ante apparently is either using profanity or just doesn't know how to spell).


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ante Pavkovic: Liar Extraordinaire

This will be my last blog posting for some time on this particular link. Maybe forever unless things change.

I think I'll simply put my hat on, get the keys out of my pocket, and walk tall out of the room. For whatever attempts might be made in the future to actually have a formal debate will likely be what has happened now for nearing nine years - nothing - and life is too short to worry about such things.

What HAS been conclusivley established however - beyond all refutation - is that Ante Pavkovic can shoot his mouth off boasting about his debate exploits and how smart he is. Finding evidence of this, however, is about like trying to find evidence of the Loch Ness Monster. Since such a thing doesn't exist in the first place there is no actual evidence of it.

Challenged to debate one on one - mano a mano - Ante Pavkovic turned tail and ran as fast as his little legs could take him away from LAD, CARM, and God Himself knows where else. These are NOT the actions of someone who is as accomplished in debate as Pavkovic THINKS he is. His use of the epithet liar seems to me to stem from TWO problems.

First of all it has become CRYSTAL CLEAR from my own documentation that Ante Pavkovic himself has a SERIOUS PROBLEM with lying. He has been caught over and over and over and over again just on his CARM posts. They are here for ALL to see. Confronted with this what does he do? He simply says that to PROVE he's lying is to actually prove that the one making the case against him is a liar. He appears to be guilty of psychological projection, a concept where the one actually committing the deed accuses others of committing that same deed as a personal defense mechanism. In Christianity, we call this type of defense HYPOCRISY.

The second point I make about this liar is the fact that this rhetorical use of the term liar, particularly in the unproven sense where Pavkovic uses it, is a sign of personal insecurity in his own position or ability to actually DEFEND it. This no doubt explains his aversion to an actual debate (as opposed to discussion board back-and-forths that he erroneously assumes constitute debates). Michael Patton drove this home recently on the "Parchment And Pen" blog. He noted the following that seems to address Pavkovic quite well. In discussing one of many emailers who wrote him and called him a 'liar,' Patton noted:

Extreme rhetoric such as this can often be a sign of personal insecurity about our own position and our ability to defend it. I see it all the time. If you are ignorant but passionate about your own position, things are often more black and white than they would otherwise be. I just tweeted this today, “Often, the more militant you are, the less confident you are. Calm down. Be cool. Excessive combativeness can evidence insecurity.”

There is, furthermore, evidence that Mr. Pavkovic's tactics are little more than devilishly clever schemes - his methodology. His slash and burn approach and immediate use of the ad hominem appears to be a contrived and intentional effort on his part to get threads removed. In all sincerity, it would not surprise me if he was the one who tore into someone with a personal attack - and then waited a few days to turn himself in under another name. It is after all an ESTBALISHED FACT that Mr. Pavkovic LIES and posts under more than one name, all the while pretending to be someone else. So this works in a simple way.

1) Post as your primary name.

2) Register a second name at another ISP.

3) Attack whomever under your primary name.

4) Sign in under your secondary name and turn yourself in.

Because folks remember the tiff but nobody really saves the details (more on that bizarre notion in a moment), you accomplish the mission of 'winning the debate' by insulting the other poster, providing no argumentation of your own, and then referencing the deleted thread (which nobody has) as proof of your superiority.

I would not have thought anyone - especially a professing Christian - would have been so evil and manipulative to do such things but then again when confronted with EVIDENCE that people might do that one must change his tune.


The most stunning development over the course of the last year, however, has been the notion that this obssessive-compulsive fool has actually saved threads from a message board from EIGHT YEARS AGO!! Now make no mistake - this makes some sense if you're say, James White (or another apologist), and you have interactions with KNOWN PEOPLE who are involved likewise in apologetics ministries. However - I honestly wonder what kind of sick mind would obssessively hold on to threads that were deleted for EIGHT YEARS.

His excuse CANNOT be, "Because this shows I won the debate" because if that were true then we would not be six months removed from his opening of a forum to impugn me - and eight months removed from his subtle suggestion that he actually possesses these threads. Let's face it - if this clown wiped the floor with me in an actual debate, do you HONESTLY think it would have taken him eight months (to this point) to follow through with his threat? Of course not. But you will learn when dealing with Ante Pavkovic, you throw 'honestly' out the window.

It also begs the question as to why he's so afraid of an actual debate. He was declaring victory on opening threads in CARM, without even engaging the issue. When I confronted him with EVIDENCE that Donald Waite LIED about Westcott and Hort's positions on numerous things, he simply dismissed the evidence and asserted that I was the one who was lying. (Ante posted here as Servetus; kind of fitting he'd take the name of an anti-Trinitarian heretic).


A bigger problem for Ante, however, is that he is more concerned in the labeling of his opponent than in the actual exchange of information. Yet even his attacks are not just overstatements, they reveal a deficient grasp of the English language. A LIE - by definition - is characterized by an INTENT to deceive. You know, like registering under other names on a discussion board and PRETENDING to NOT be who you are, which Ante has done numerous times. Clark Pinnock, for example, is an excellent Arminian scholar. His writings show an intellectual depth that few attain in this life. However, he is also an annhilationist. The reason he is an annhilationist is because he believes - sincerely and with all his heart - that that is what Scripture teaches. I believe - with all of my heart - that Pinnock is wrong on that issue. But that does not make him a 'liar' because lying would entail Pinnock saying something intended to deceive his audience (for example, declaring himself to be a Bible-believing atheist). Thus, while Pinnock may be deceived, his intent is not deceiving itself.

This repeated use of such tactics really makes me think that Ante must have - for whatever reasons, fair or not - never finished high school. I can hardly bring myself to believe that a person with even a minimal college education would "communicate" in the third-grade way he does. Feeling intellectually inferior to others, he can assert his (in his mind) "superiority" by insulting you more than you insult him. If you turn him in, you're a big baby who can't take it. If you respond in kind, he calls you a hypocrite. If you don't respond at all, he accuses you of being a coward. Beat him senseless with information - and he'll simply lie himself and fall back on, "You didn't refute anything I said."

I say that because not only did Ante ADMIT he had never proven I had lied about anything - yes, he actually admitted that on CARM (December 15, 2008) - "He has been shown much patience, as I did not bother trying to prove he was as I have asserted for a long time." - but his 'proof' on his Slander Maestroh site falls so far short of proving deception that I seriously wonder if the man doesn't need a dictionary. His proof? Maestroh said in his initial response that Ante called him a liar, but it wasn't the initial response. Even assuming Ante is right about all this (because, after all, he did keep the threads for eight years), that doesn't prove I'm a liar; it MAY prove I'm MISTAKEN as to how quickly he said it - but it doesn't change the facts that: a) He attacked me first by calling me a liar REGARDLESS of whether it was the next post or the one after it; and b) there is no INTENT to deceive on my part. (Again - what difference does it make whether it was one or three responses afterward? The bottom line is that Ante attacked me as a liar and - BY HIS OWN ADMISSION - never PROVED it).

Thus - out of all his deceit, lies, and hypocrisy - was born the Ante Pavkovic website. And now the ENTIRE WORLD knows that Ante Pavkovic - who accuses others of lying but never proves it - is himself a liar. Much as Haaman made his own gallows upon which he was hanged, Mr. Pavkovic made the mistake of his life by crossing swords with someone who simply knows a whole lot more than he does.

I would have let it go. I didn't care. Keep in mind that I'm not the one who kept deleted threads from a discussion board eight years ago to fill what must be a very boring life (his, not mine). But his posting of an attack piece on Amazon (where he referred to himself as 'scholarly' and claimed he 'pummeled' me in a debate) revealed that Ante Pavkovic himself would not let it go.

Maybe he's upset because I compared his actions to that of terrorists. (Given his loud threats that suggest he may inflict bodily harm on me, the only difference in Ante and Al-Qaeda is that they are actually willing to die for their stupidity while he isn't). Or maybe he's upset because of the veracity of the comparison. Either way, life is too short to waste any more time on third grade juvenile argumentation like that advanced by Ante Pavkovic.

Therefore, I will no longer make posts here for the forseeable future. There are, of course, two exceptions. The first one is obvious - if he updates his blog and smears me then that will be met with retribution as need be. The second one will never happen - Pavkovic actually grows the balls to defend his KJV Only position. But if by some quirk of fate such a miracle happens, I also reserve the right to reply.

Therefore - until duty calls again - I am officially retired from beating the dead horse that is lying Ante Pavkovic.