Time Elapsed Since Ante Pavkovic Lied And Said He'd Debate Maestroh

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ante Pavkovic: Ignorant Church Historian

From Worthy Boards on January 16, 2005:

No, you are wrong. You qoute verses that have absolutely nothing to do with what I said or believe. I gave you a Scriptural synopsis of NT teaching on the Spirit of God and his workings in this, His Dispensation.

Cessassionism is unScriptural. It is a denial of a fundamental and obvious teaching of the Scirptures. It is a doctrine based on experince--or the lack thereof. You are following a man-made doctrine, and guess who the originator of cessassionism was? John Calvin.

John Calvin was the originator of cessationism? (Ante apparently is either using profanity or just doesn't know how to spell).


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