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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Hypocritical Slam Dunk: Ante Criticizes Someone For Using Wikipedia - And Then Uses It Himself!!

As I've said, the problem with Ante Pavkovic's hypocrisy is that you just don't even have to look very hard to find it. Let's see Ante fall on both sides of the issue just like Bil Clinton

1) Ante Blasts Another Poster For Using Wikipedia


Perhaps Steve is unaware that Wikepdia is HARDLY a research site. Anyone, AND I MEAN ANYONE can post there whatever they want! The fact he quotes from this FRIVILOUS source to "prove" I am a deceiver says it all. Someone has a pride-issue. I gave you qoutations and referred to you actual RESEARCH with Statistics and records of every study done to show accuracy. Steve responds with a Wiki article! LOL! That's how he can maintain his errors about what I have said, and about me personally.

Hmm. So Steve (whom Ante is attacking) is a deceiver who uses what Ante terms a frivolous source, huh?

So it's safe to say that Ante himself would NEVER use Wikipedia, right?

Oops - somebody just got busted again!!

Click here

Our brave little hypocrite tells us - in the fourth paragraph:

Rick Joyner’s mentors have been Bob Jones, a man who would counsel women to take off their clothes and “stand transparent before the Lord” while he "ministered" to them "prophetically" by fondling them (Wikipedia, Mike Bickle, note 16).

WOW!! Did you catch that? Ante Pavkovic slams a poster for using Wikipedia nd calls it frivlous BUT - as is ALWAYS the case with hypocrites like Ante - it wasn't too frivlous for HIM to use, was it?

(Now - I realize that Ante's method of "repenting" which he never does though demanding it of others - will be to simply edit it out. Too bad, Ante. I learned a lot from you and the first thing I learned is to save copoies when liars like you are exposed.

Oh and he can lie all he wants - I'm sure he'll blame somebody else. Mostly because that's what hypocrites like Ante Pavkovic always do when caught red-handed.

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