Time Elapsed Since Ante Pavkovic Lied And Said He'd Debate Maestroh

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ante Pavkovic Debates....Ante Pavkovic

As I've noted earlier, we are parsing through the wicked lies and repeated hypocrisies of an Internet fundamentalist (a book burner who also burns non-KJV Bibles), a public speaker for Operation (En)S(l)ave America, Ante Pavkovic. Pavkovic has himself a long resume of picking fights on the Net and getting tossed off of discussion boards. But unfortunately for him there's a paper trail. Last time we covered Ante's hypocrisy about David Cloud. And on "Deception Bytes" I covered his hypocrisy regarding his own judgment of people's souls. So now we see that Ante just makes it up as he goes (in other words, LIES) when he tells us about church history.

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