Time Elapsed Since Ante Pavkovic Lied And Said He'd Debate Maestroh

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For The Uninformed...

You have reached the blog dedicated to telling the truth about one of the most notorious and hypocritical "Christians" in cyberspace, Ante Pavkovic. A Croat who was fittingly born on Halloween (that's true, he was!), Mr. Pavkovic is something of an Internet bully. You've probably seen his style of attack before - conveniently behind a CB radio-type handle and complete with threats and tough talk. He's the Boise State of the Internet, a braggadoccio who will always talk big and tough but challenged to go mano a mano in a public forum, he always folds his cards. Oh - and blames you.

Pavkovic posts under a number of predictable psuedonyms. These include Providential1611, Sola Scriptora, A N Pavkovic, and Synergism. He even once posted on the Light After Darkness board - hard as it is to believe now - as the heretic Servetus.

He has been banned from Charisma, LAD, Sharper Iron, and CARM - and those are just the ones I know about.

He is a loud-mouth who thinks he knows a lot of theology, but he's dumber than crap. He will always talk tough - but just challenge him to a debate and our specimen of semen suddenly develops yellow fever. He is a liar, who lies virtually every time he opens his mouth - but he quickly calls you one so as to detract from his pathetic presentation.

He hates Calvinists, Maestroh, Muslims, gays, and virtually anyone else you can name. He has been exposed on here as an undeniable, undiluted, and unrepentant HYPOCRITE who likes to hang out with a registered sex offender. Read on for documentation of all this.

Funny thing is that he thinks he's called of God to "expose" Todd Bentley. He is a King James Onlyist of the Ruckmanite stripe, a prick* who is more clueless than Barack Obama. His own hypocrisy - I've confronted him with it and he dimissed it as unimportant. The guy actually claims that James White came to "Charisma" and that Ante wiped the floor with him.

Sure. That explains his cowardice now, doesn't it? I just found him on a Yahweh board and noticed he got his ass* rolled again. Keep reading.

Please note - the words with * are words found in the KJV. Because they are Bible words - according to Ante - they are NOT name-calling.

That's right - he said that.

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  1. Let it go brother. Jesus showed us undeserved grace, should we do the same?

    You have allowed Ante's bitterness to take root in you. Anyone who ever deals with him soon discovers everything you have written here. Let him show what he is while you show us what grace is.