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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ante Pavkovic: David Cloud Is, Is Not, Is Reliable....

In further developments of how hypocritical someone can be, let's consider the twin cases of Ante Pavkovic regarding David Cloud, whom he deems an infallible pope when it comes to the KJV but dismisses regarding almost everything else.

First we have


How do we know the Ante-Christ thinks this? Because he quotes Cloud on October 31, 2004 on Worthy Boards (about a week after he'd been banished from 'Charisma' for his youthful discretions).

He precedes this with the following amusing claim:

Here is an answer to one of your questions. It is brief, and much more could be said, but I've got to go so, I'll give more if you are really interested, and in doing so, the facts presented with further show Bud's article is as fallacious as I've said:

In other words according to Psychopathkovic, Cloud is reliable. Well, maybe not. All of a sudden in March on Deception Bytes, Ante changes his tune. Confronted with a clipping from Cloud, Ante tells us:


Brian cites David Cloud, a man rabidly anti-Pentecostal who seeks to poison the well of this discussion. He is hardly an impartial source, and is not fair to Pentecostals. You see, we are "of the Devil" because we are Pentecostal.


So according to Pavkovic, the reliability of a source depends upon whether or not the source AGREES WITH HIM!!!!

More two-facedness from the Master of it all.

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  1. I'm glad you have more proof (and there is a whole lot of it) to document what a liar and deranged person Ante Pavkovic is!
    I hope anyone that comes across this blog takes note and please, stay far away from Ante, it is only a matter of time before he harms someone, I really believe that,

    Thanks again for exposing this clown!

    Brian (deagah)