Time Elapsed Since Ante Pavkovic Lied And Said He'd Debate Maestroh

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Worhty Boards Documentation

1) Posted 09 February 2005 - 10:42 PM

I have seen the Mary video, and of course Rome IS the Baylonian Harlot who has shed the blood of the martyrs and drunk with idolatry, and bent on global domination. Rome is pure evil.


2) Posted 02 February 2005 - 02:46 AM

I expect you to run away, after making sure you tell lies and slander me. You are the false teacher. All religious hypocrites are exactly what they falsely accuse others of being.

You cannot properly exegete this passage. It is clear you don't know how to exegete a passage. You simply superimpose you ideas onto a text. Hence you are guilty of wresting the Scriptures to your own destruction, just as Peter warned people like you, who trust in water rather than the blood of Christ.


3) Posted 29 January 2005 - 09:36 PM

Nonsense, we owe nothing to Rome there Foggy, except that they produced confused and embittered people like you who saw the evil and hypocrisy, and wrongly concluded Christianity must not be true, look at its adherents! You are looking at the wrong group--this one we were warned about in the Bible--Rev 17.

As for burning witches--you guys forget something. The pilgrim fathers founded a nation and made laws. They forbade witchcraft as well as kidnapping, stealing etc. If someone wanted to live in this new nation, its understood they had to obey the laws of the land. Witchcraft was against the law and a capital offense. To our pilgrim fathers, this behavior was an affront to God and would bring His displeasure upon the nation. If the witches didn't like it, they just could have left. Don't blame the pilgrims for following through with their laws.

The Catholic cult on the other hand, persecutes anyone who doesn't agree with her.


4) Fog:

The "church" said no such thing. The Roman Catholic Cult said those things, not real Christians. The BIBLE TOLD US 2700 years ago that the world was ROUND--A CIRCLE. So the poor persecuting dupes at the Vatican were wrong, that's all. Get your facts, or the lack thereof, straight.


5)Posted 29 January 2005 - 03:28 PM

Super Jew:

You forget that I have read church history, and I know what gnosticism is, and their dualistic tendencies, as well as the Manichean manifestation of those beliefs later on in history. When I called 1John "dualistic", i was doing so tongue-in-cheek. As with many errors, there are grains of truth in them, but they are taken out into left field. The Bible is a dualistic book per se. In 1John God is called "light, and in Him is no darkness at all". You find this kind of talk all over the Scriptures.

The dualism of gnosticism was that matter was inherently evil and that gnosis was all that mattered. What you did in the flesh was irrelevant.

I have tried to understand gnosticism many times. Like Calvinism for example. Even though I believe the whole system is unscriptural and blasphemous, there is a logic and consistency about it. Many wrong doctrines have at least that.

Live From You Tube: It's Ante Pavkovic!!

Let's take a gander at mindless nutbagism run amuck.

Well I want to make this video to quickly respond to Robycop, a

Ad hominem #1

in-the-flesh,hateful poster

Ad hominem #2

on YouTube and elsewhere who hates the King James Bible,
Has he ever said he hates the King James Bible? If not, this is LIE #1.

apparently and hates people who believe it reflects the original manuscripts, that it reflects the traidtion of the correct stream of manuscripts bequeathed to God's people in the English language...English people who God used to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. So common sense would say that He would get them the right Greek and Hebrew and an accurate translation in His providence during the Reformation when He planned on taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Now people like him can't see this but I'm going to get right to the point. He keeps lyingly saying like others of his persuasion who are liars, rabid liars, that our beliefs came from a cultist, a Seventh-Day Adventist named Benjamin Wilkinson in 1930. Well is that true? Were there no people who believed in the Textus Receptus being the right Greek text, the Masoretic Text in Hebrew and ultimately the God used the King James translators to faithfully and accurately translate that text so we have the Word of God in English? Did no one believe that before some obscure book written by an obscure man was found by some people? Is that what we're supposed to believe?

Well I'm going to read one quote here from a preacher called DeWitt Talmage. Now there were a lot of preachers in the 16 and 17 and 1800s that we may not have heard of that had a lot of influence. I'm going to read a quote found on the Internet about this man, DeWitt Talmage. It says he was "Originally a Dutch Reformed minister, Reverend Talmage became a Presbyterian minister and pastored the First Presbyterian Church in Washington,D.C. Very popular, some 5000 or more flocked to hear him each week. An estimated 20 million people read his sermons, published in 3000 newspapers throughout the world. (That's just one guy). Talmage was the prototype of oratorical preaching. He never used a pulpit, but paced up and down the platform while speaking - without notes.

(Found: http://www.bibleteacher.org/sermons2b.htm

All right, so this guy spoke to 5000 people a week and 20 million people read his sermons and they were published in 3000 newspapers and in 1880, he said the following things:

Now let us divide off. Let those people who do not believe the Bible and who are critical of this and that part of it, go clear over to the other side. Let them stand behind the Devil's guns.... Give us the out-and-out opposition of infidelity rather that the work of these hybrid theologians
(Westcott and Hort and Robycop's heroes), these mongrel ecclesiatics, these half-evoluted people who believe the Bible and who don't. I take up the King James translation. I consider it a perfect Bible.

He said that in 1880. Volumes 4 of his sermons and volume 18, you'll find these things.


So that's a good fifty years before the obscure Seventh-Day Adventist who most Christians have never heard of or read wrote a obscure book that almost no person has ever seen. So now that's what berthed the King James movement? No, you're wrong Robycop. Now I've been posting this information, information like this for ten years for people who have been making this lying claim and here's my experience: the new version people, the hate King James crowd doesn't care about facts. They claim to be Christian but when you post the truth to them or when
you show them the truth, they continue telling the same lies because that's what they're committed to.

They are some of the most vile, foul, name-callers that I've ever encountered. They talk like...if you go preach at a at a gay pride event imagine what you're going to encounter talking to all these rabid sodomites who are angry and hateful that you're there preaching the
truth. Well, that's what it's like talking to people like Robycop, who claims to be a Christian but I don't believe you 1) because you're a liar; and 2) you cannot be corrected, and 3) you're full of hate. You spew out vile venom. The love of God is not in you, the love for the truth is not in you. You're not defending God's Word, you're attacking it and you want to destroy people's faith in the preservation of Scripture. That
is your pathetic, heretical position and you don't care how low you go. You'll say anything to promote your view. It's pretty sad.

Now I have one more quote about Brother Talmage. It says, "Thomas DeWitt Talmage, the legendary New York core evangelist bitterly opposed the Revision of the New Testament in 1881." He was one of many. He claimed that the great masses of people thought the revision a'desecreation, profanation, and religious outrage.'" So there were tons of people under
this man influence teaching them the King James Bible was the Word of God in English, and he was attacking the first revision, so-called, of it, which was just a perversion of it, a corrupting of God's Word through apostate Protestants, Unitarians, Trinity deniers - men who denied the Deity of Christ, and concealed Roman Catholics. That's who was on the committee with Westcott and Hort in 1881. I'm supposed to believe THEY gave us the right Greek text and the right Bible?

You see, the King James Bible is the Protestant Bible...it's the Bible of ALL Bible-believing groups. So again, there is absolute proof in 1880, thousands of people, a great mass of people were opposed the Revised Version and thousands of people every week heard this man preach. He taught the King James Bible was the Word of God, and he reached 20 million people in 3000
newspapers in his lifetime with his teachings.

So for Robycop to continue to say what he said even though this evidence has been put forward just shows what you're dealing with. You are dealing with enemies of God's Word who want to come and say, "Did God say this? Did God say that?" Question God's Word. Make me think maybe he didn't say the end of Mark's word, maybe the story of the woman caught in
adultery where Christ said I don't condemn you, "Go and sin no more," that story is not part of the gospel of John according to these liars, these deceivers. And a whole lot more. Like when Jesus said that certain kind of demons don't come out but by prayer, fasting and
prayer, that verse is taken out. Who but the devil would take the key to defeat him out of the Bible? Who else would be inspiring these people to remove verses and entire passages that affect doctrines like this. I could go on and on, it's not the point of the video, but the point is that you cannot trust these people and we have to have a passion and a zeal
for God's Word that goes with....those who came before us they gave us the Word of God at great risk to themselves, they suffered the loss of all things, many of them gave up their life's blood, they died as martyr's rather than give the manuscripts to those that were demanding them or tell where they had them hid.

All right, the King James Bible is the Bible of the martyrs, in the tradition of the martyrs. These new versions, no one died for and no one's dying for. Their manuscripts weren't even discovered and used until 1881. No one died for the Vatican manuscripts or the Sinaiticus manuscript, those Alexandrian forgeries.

The trail of blood of the martyrs is the Textus Receptus. The English Bibles preceding that, which were all based on it and ultimately the King James Bible. That is the trail of blood of the martyrs. God bless you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For The Uninformed...

You have reached the blog dedicated to telling the truth about one of the most notorious and hypocritical "Christians" in cyberspace, Ante Pavkovic. A Croat who was fittingly born on Halloween (that's true, he was!), Mr. Pavkovic is something of an Internet bully. You've probably seen his style of attack before - conveniently behind a CB radio-type handle and complete with threats and tough talk. He's the Boise State of the Internet, a braggadoccio who will always talk big and tough but challenged to go mano a mano in a public forum, he always folds his cards. Oh - and blames you.

Pavkovic posts under a number of predictable psuedonyms. These include Providential1611, Sola Scriptora, A N Pavkovic, and Synergism. He even once posted on the Light After Darkness board - hard as it is to believe now - as the heretic Servetus.

He has been banned from Charisma, LAD, Sharper Iron, and CARM - and those are just the ones I know about.

He is a loud-mouth who thinks he knows a lot of theology, but he's dumber than crap. He will always talk tough - but just challenge him to a debate and our specimen of semen suddenly develops yellow fever. He is a liar, who lies virtually every time he opens his mouth - but he quickly calls you one so as to detract from his pathetic presentation.

He hates Calvinists, Maestroh, Muslims, gays, and virtually anyone else you can name. He has been exposed on here as an undeniable, undiluted, and unrepentant HYPOCRITE who likes to hang out with a registered sex offender. Read on for documentation of all this.

Funny thing is that he thinks he's called of God to "expose" Todd Bentley. He is a King James Onlyist of the Ruckmanite stripe, a prick* who is more clueless than Barack Obama. His own hypocrisy - I've confronted him with it and he dimissed it as unimportant. The guy actually claims that James White came to "Charisma" and that Ante wiped the floor with him.

Sure. That explains his cowardice now, doesn't it? I just found him on a Yahweh board and noticed he got his ass* rolled again. Keep reading.

Please note - the words with * are words found in the KJV. Because they are Bible words - according to Ante - they are NOT name-calling.

That's right - he said that.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ante Earns His Ph.D. - For Piled High And Deeper

So our little bag of misfortune recently said this:

Providential1611 said...
Julie, I do allow other points of view. What I won't allow are personal attacks that have no basis in reality as a form of debating what we did and what I wrote. Calling me names does not disprove what we did or our explanation for why we went. Martin cannot refute what we did Scripturally, nor can he refute the fact that Todd has been caught in many lies, which I others have documented. Google Ad Hominem, and you will understand what Martin was doing.

For example, if I prove from the Bible that something Rick Joyner wrote is seriously wrong and unBiblical, and Rick responds with "well you are a Pharisee", how is that answering the points made against his doctrinal ideas? You see, it isn't, but it is a convenient method of NOT ANSWERING a rebuke and instead changing the subject and making the issue the person bringing the charge rather than the charge itself. It is dishonest on a number of levels, and that is what Martin was doing.

April 20, 2010 11:15 AM



Ante Pavkovic has just described HIMSELF to a tee. This is the guy who - told from the Bible he has NO DEFENSE of his KJV Onlyism - said, "Your problem is your a liar."

How in the world is that any different? It isn't. This lying sack of garbage continues on his merry way oblivous to his two-facedness. What a witness for the Jesus who will judge him with the same lack of integrity Ante uses towards others.


No Time To Debate, But Time To Post?


Lying Ante Pavkovic (doesn't that sound like the name of a pro wrassler?) has another blog. And in his studliness of masculinity guess what? He doesn't have his name on it.

Oh and howsabout the comments of a poster named Julie - who pointed out Ante Pavkovic's own hypocrisy for him?

Julie said...
Unless posts contain blasphemy or profanity, it upsets me that you do not allow another points of view to be expressed simply because it is contrary to yours. Funny...in reading your article I found more personal attacks made by you than by "Martin". What happended to your original mission of saving babies...I used to support this ministry but find that I can no longer do so. Judgement WILL begin in the house of the Lord and you, sir, will not be exempt anymore than the rest of us.

Most excellent. Lying Ante Pavkovic is reaching out his lying even further.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Is King James Onlyist Ante Pavkovic Quoting From the New Living Translation?

On February 5 of this year, Operation Save America's resident nutbag Ante Pavkovic launched another one of his broadsides against his fellow Christians. Pavkovic has become something of an Internet clown over the last decade with his hateful 'defenses' of the King James Bible as the only real Bible, including attacking this particular blogger personally numerous times.

Why then in the speech cited did Ante Pavkovic cite from the New Living Translation bible in his diatribe against Todd Bentley?

What did Ante Pavkovic say on March 8, 2001 on his very own "Charisma" thread?

A prayerful, open study of all the materials, including a understanding of the argument posited by Hills regarding where the logic of faith and Preservation leads, causes you to come to a right conclusion. You cannot escape where the trail of truth, facts and history lead--the AV1611. It is THE BIBLE.

He follows this with:

The obvious fact that God refuses to let men push aside the version that He was pleased to give to the world should cause you to be careful sir, lest on judgement day you find that you partook of other men's sins--the attacking and undermining of the very words of God. I know that such a thought is foreign to most christians, who don't even think about the fact that one day they will stand before God and give a thorough account to Him. What seems like nothing now may be a BIG DEAL THEN!

Why then after saying that somebody was undermining the very words of God would Ante Pavkovic himself use a version that - according to him - is based on a "Hortian lie" (3/7/01) and undermines God's Word?

The answer, of course, is that Ante Pavkovic is a pompous hypocrite who thinks God has one set of standards for him and another for every single other person on the planet. This is hardly the first time Pavkovic has been caught dead-to-rights being a hypocrite as this blog amply documents.

OSA may or may not be a KJVO organization, I don't know; I do know, however, they have a hypocrite as one of their leading front men.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yet Another Lie By Ante Pavkovic

The Internets have been quiet with any response from Ante Pavkovic. Face it, when you get caught red-handed LYING out your backside (as he has) and being two-faced, you simply keep a very low profile. But just so we can establish a quick link for anyone looking for information on this pathetic liar, let's make it simple.

Now let's make it clear: Ante Pavkovic has said VERY CLEARLY : "Well, he was a slanderous liar. Where do liars go? See Rev 21:8"

Make no mistake: Ante Pavkovic has determined from his own warped interpretation of Scripture that liars go to Hell. Fair enough. So then if we can simply prove that Ante Pavkovic himself LIES then what would that mean? Well, it would mean he's heading for a Southbound address, hot with no chance of clouds. Can we determine that Ante Pavkovic lies? Yes, we most certainly can. It is EASY to prove - so easy that his only 'rebuttal' has been to say that if you say he lies then you yourself are lying.

But let's go one step further: the same Bible Ante reads that says liars go to Hell ALSO says that hypocrites go to Hell (Matthew 24:51). So if one can prove Ante Pavkovic himself is a hypocrite then - according again to his own flawed human reasoning - Ante Pavkovic is going to Hell. Except, of course, he repents, which we pray for.

So given these foundations as voiced by Ante himself - can we find proof Ante Pavkovic lies? And can we find proof that Ante Pavkovic is a hypocrite?

The answer - sadly - is a pure and undiluted "yes." Here is a link list of examples:

1) Ante Pavkovic violated the very rules he promised he would follow at CARM.

Among the rules at CARM are no personal attacks (which he violated repeatedly), no public questioning of the moderators (which got him banned twice), and no coming back posting under another name. In a world where God said his yes should be yes, Ante hid under another name. First, he came back and posted as OneCalvinist. Then he came back and posted as praisejah.

(Some links don't work because he was banished forever from CARM - which only proves the point that he lied when he agreed to abide by the rules).

2) Ante calls people unbiblical designations and insists he has NOT done so.

His quote from CARM:
Maestroh likes to call people morons, asses, idiots, fools, and the like. I HAVE NOT called him such things--that is name calling.

But note here he calls me - among other things - a quack. Is THAT a biblical term?

No. But Ante says that using unbilbical designations is name calling. Yet that is EXACTLY what he did unless he can show me quack in the KJV.

3) On June 23, 2007, he claimed: "I would rather debate you live and in person before a church or crowd, with a moderator...If you want a debate, a real debate, and if you are so sure of your position, arrange a live debate, make sure YOU show up, and we'll see whose position is "flimsy". But the moment I found a moderator, I got some 20 or so excuses as to why he couldn't debate. In short, this Internet bully's answer went from "Let's rock" to "I've got a hangnail."

4) Ante stated that the NIV translation "had no reasons" for rendering Micah 5:2 as origins. What is funny is that this is one of the first points I made to him in March 2001 - on those threads he started posted and then thought better of.

But he had been warned TWICE before making this lying claim.

5) Ante uses Wikipedia after bashing another person for using Wikipedia citing it's unreliability.

6) Ante cites David Cloud as a source but then declares Cloud to be unreliable.

So what have we established?

Ante Pavkovic is a liar, plain and simple.

Ante Pavkovic is a hypocrite, plain and simple.

He needs to actually repent rather than calling for others to do what he is unwilling to do. His offense is public and consequently his repentance must also be public. Otherwise, Operation Save America has no business having a public liar in their ministry. If they do then it is a reflection upon them as aiding and abetting a known liar.