Time Elapsed Since Ante Pavkovic Lied And Said He'd Debate Maestroh

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Hypocritical Slam Dunk: Ante Criticizes Someone For Using Wikipedia - And Then Uses It Himself!!

As I've said, the problem with Ante Pavkovic's hypocrisy is that you just don't even have to look very hard to find it. Let's see Ante fall on both sides of the issue just like Bil Clinton

1) Ante Blasts Another Poster For Using Wikipedia


Perhaps Steve is unaware that Wikepdia is HARDLY a research site. Anyone, AND I MEAN ANYONE can post there whatever they want! The fact he quotes from this FRIVILOUS source to "prove" I am a deceiver says it all. Someone has a pride-issue. I gave you qoutations and referred to you actual RESEARCH with Statistics and records of every study done to show accuracy. Steve responds with a Wiki article! LOL! That's how he can maintain his errors about what I have said, and about me personally.

Hmm. So Steve (whom Ante is attacking) is a deceiver who uses what Ante terms a frivolous source, huh?

So it's safe to say that Ante himself would NEVER use Wikipedia, right?

Oops - somebody just got busted again!!

Click here

Our brave little hypocrite tells us - in the fourth paragraph:

Rick Joyner’s mentors have been Bob Jones, a man who would counsel women to take off their clothes and “stand transparent before the Lord” while he "ministered" to them "prophetically" by fondling them (Wikipedia, Mike Bickle, note 16).

WOW!! Did you catch that? Ante Pavkovic slams a poster for using Wikipedia nd calls it frivlous BUT - as is ALWAYS the case with hypocrites like Ante - it wasn't too frivlous for HIM to use, was it?

(Now - I realize that Ante's method of "repenting" which he never does though demanding it of others - will be to simply edit it out. Too bad, Ante. I learned a lot from you and the first thing I learned is to save copoies when liars like you are exposed.

Oh and he can lie all he wants - I'm sure he'll blame somebody else. Mostly because that's what hypocrites like Ante Pavkovic always do when caught red-handed.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ante Pavkovic Shows Us That "Love For Jesus" With His Hate-Filled Mouth

Does Ante Pavkovic ever READ his Bible? I hope so because if he did he would see these haunting words in his very own KJV:

36But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 37For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Remember what I said about hypocrites - how the secret hope of a hypocrite is that God will judge him with a different scale? Well when your neck-deep in hypocrisy you can't move and oxygen can't get to your brain. As a consequence you post little rants on blogs - like Ante did on here. Let's take a look at it. This is from a post he put here on January 2, 2010, probably after sleeping it off.

It is your tactic that is different. After talking like a big, brave, physical man, after saying that I was beat up all the time, after talking like you do could have done this to me, now you want to play the "I'm a poor diabled veteran" routine.

Ante - let me talk real slow so that if you have ADHD you can process a rational thought.

You....have....been....challenged....to....a.....public.....debate...defending....your.....King......James......Onlyism. As....noted....in......the....intro.....to.....this......blog......you....have.....boldly......declared.....your.......desire.......for......this......debate.

The clock counts down from the time you made this grandiose "I'm a big, tough man" claim. Nor have I stated any desire to beat you up. I HAVE stated very clearly that you would most certainly not talk to people the way you do anonymously online or you would get your ass* kicked.

I HAVE ALSO stated that the reason you act so tough online must be because you were beaten up every day going home from school. Why else would you live out your schoolyard fantasies so anonymously? I HAVE ALSO said that at no time did I ever challenge you to a fist fight - I challenged you to a debate publicly. You accepted and put the onus on me. When I began to arrange it, you blinked. You cowered. In a word, you CHICKENED out. So all of your bravado and attempts to shift this onto me are litle more than the musings of a loud-mouthed fool. If I had challenged you to a fight that would be different, but I didn't. I decided to put a loud-mouthed fool named Ante Pavkovic in his place, and he upped the ante (if you'll pardon the pun) - and then he chickened out.

It was you then that began suggesting you'd come to Texas and straighten me out. But you weren't even willing to meet in a public debate, so why waste my time?

Now - I AM a disabled veteran, like it or not. I've not made any fist fight challenges; I've very simply challenged you to back up all your big talk online publicly. You simply don't have the balls to take the public humiliation that would no doubt fall upon your pathetic attempts to justify that we didn't have a Bible until 1611. That's why you came up with some 21 or 22 excuses (I forget the count and what difference does it make? The mere fact you had ONE makes you a loud-mouthed fool who bit off more than he can chew).

You were too afraid to even have a moderated debate on CARM or do one on the CARM phone lines. Remember - YOU are the one who put no restrictions on a moderator, so please don't suddenly try to save your ugly face.

You shameless, gutless little liar.


What part of that don't you get, Holmes?

Were you disabled in combat?

No, nor have I ever said that I was. Have you ever done any more combat other than call people names online? Hmm?

No you were not liar.

Uh, you still haven't PROVEN this case and you've had what nine years now?

I, on the other hand, have exposed both your lies and your hypocrisy all on this blog. Where's YOUR repentance - the one you demand of OTHER people like Todd Bentley all the while going on lying and being a hypocrite day after day after day? Where, Ante?

Your lying and hypocrisy is as much a stench in the nostrils of God as is homosexuality, Ante-Christ.

You are simply a weak, frail excuse of a man with a big, lying mouth.

I'm not the one who insisted on a public debate and turn tail and run. Remember this Ante - despite your delusional/warped view of reality I HAVE NEVER RUN FROM YOU. You have, on the other hand, shot off your mouth and then run away from me.

Case closed, Bubba.

And now, when all your lying and calling real men "cowards" may involve a face to face confrontation, well now you wish to pretend what a poor little helpless veteran you are. You are a military reject who was "gotten rid of" by the military, according to your own words.

1) Still no proof of a lie that you can bring forward.
2) I didn't call a real man a coward; I called YOU one because that's what you are. I don't see you taking up the debate on CARM or anywhere else.
3) I didn't say I was poor and helpless; I said that you could probably beat me up. But you might want to think about that, Ante - if I'm the liar you allege then MAYBE...just maybe...I'm NOT what I said. Maybe in fact I'm 6'9" and would squash you like a bug. Then again you've already flushed yourself down the commode with all your false bravado and failure to follow through on your promise to wipe the floor with me in a debate.
4) I have an honorable discharge, Ante. You never bothered to ask the facts because you are little more than a hateful little, legalistic prick*.

You see, Bitter Bill, it is YOU who lies real good. You are the liar. I have pointed it out.

Well, you've also said David Cloud was not reliable and then quoted him yourself, you've made up facts on the spot, and in the next few days I've uncovered another one of your hypocrisies that I'm going to link to Deception Bytes.

I realize you don't care. Is that demonic possession that causes that?

You lie every time you say I lie.

I've proven you've lied. All anyone has to do to see YOUR hypocrisy is click a link or two here. You can't dispute it, Holmes, because they link to YOUR words. I'm serious - do you have a drinking problem or are you just that much of a two-faced hypocrite?

Its clearly your sin of choice, and you engage in it every day of your disgraceful life.

One would therefore EXPECT PROOF of this, wouldn't they? If this were true you wouldn't STILL be running after shooting off your mouth about a debate.

The record is clear, Ante.

You lie your ass* off and think God looks the other way. I tell the truth about you and the gays you hate will confront you with your hateful ways.


If words like ass* or prick* offended you, please note that according to Ante Pavkovic, use of those terms is OK. Why? Because they are BIBLICAL designations, found in the KJV. I'm simply using his own method against him.