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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who's Running From Whom?

Ante Pavkovic, a North Carolina-based KJV Onlyist Pentecostal who is comfortable hanging around registered sex offenders, has made his name well-known over the past decade with his un-Christian behavior on numerous websites that include Worthy Boards, Sharper Iron (where he was banned after only five posts - well, under his SECOND name anyway), CARM, Light After Darkness, and Charisma. Pavkovic has been banished from ALL of those boards except Worthy Boards, where he hasn't posted in over five years.

But Ante is quite fond of being a hypocrite, one of the few things at which he excels. (The other is lying his tail off as this board so amply documents). Yet another example of the blind man's hypocrisy can be found by purusing his Worthy Boards posts and looking at some of the accusations he has made. One of his common bush league tactics is to accuse anyone who doesn't want to listen to his verbal abuse, slander, and lies - and thus takes the high road by not engaging the Internet equivalent of a rabid dog - of 'running away.'

Of course, this blog has DOCUMENTED that the Ante-Christ himself has turned tail and run like a little chicken away from an ACTUAL DEBATE. He talks real big but the moment it appeared an actual debate was going to happen, he cashed in his chips and said he had to go to the bathroom. Of course, when you're that full of it....

Anyway, let's see the Internet's biggest hypocrite in action. This is from Worthy Boards:

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You've hit no nerve, you are simply running, as predicted. I called your bluff, and you have wasted no time engaging in retreat. Be honest, the truth is you see the handwriting on the wall. Now why don't you do as you said and "beat" me with your superior knowledge you claim to possess? Surely it must be an elementary task for someone of your stature and learning?



Not only is Ante using the language of a sinful game like poker, he is accusing someone else who is not engaging him of running away. But Ante himself has run away from challenge after challenge to defend his KJV Onlyism. He CLAIMS to have smoked me twice in debates on 'Charisma.' Of course it was OVER A YEAR AGO that he threatened to post those debates online, but still nothing from H.R. Puff-n-Puff. Oh, I take that back. He did put up about 1/2 of a first post. Of course he then realized that that also gave me access to point out his phony propaganda and spin on those same threads, so he opted to not go there.

The FACT is that Ante Pavkovic himself is little more than a debate coward. He criticizes others and accuses them of running away, but he himself has never manned up and debated this issue. Why? Because he knows he's wrong.

And that tells more about the decrepit condition of the soul than anything else.

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