Time Elapsed Since Ante Pavkovic Lied And Said He'd Debate Maestroh

Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Time To Debate, But Time To Post?


Lying Ante Pavkovic (doesn't that sound like the name of a pro wrassler?) has another blog. And in his studliness of masculinity guess what? He doesn't have his name on it.

Oh and howsabout the comments of a poster named Julie - who pointed out Ante Pavkovic's own hypocrisy for him?

Julie said...
Unless posts contain blasphemy or profanity, it upsets me that you do not allow another points of view to be expressed simply because it is contrary to yours. Funny...in reading your article I found more personal attacks made by you than by "Martin". What happended to your original mission of saving babies...I used to support this ministry but find that I can no longer do so. Judgement WILL begin in the house of the Lord and you, sir, will not be exempt anymore than the rest of us.

Most excellent. Lying Ante Pavkovic is reaching out his lying even further.

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