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Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Ante Hypocrisy

Want some irony? Our resident hypocrite - the one who whines about 'slander' on this blog that simply quotes him (I guess he's slandering himself) - types this:

Hank and the rapture!
Sola Scriptora

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Dear power2U;

A lot of people DON'T trust Hank the heretic Hanegraff. He attacks everything and everyone. He is also a hypocrite who lives in a big, expensive house while chiding prosperity preachers. He does not believe in all the Bible says, just the parts that suit his vain mind. He has slandered thousands of ministers, and moves of God around the world. He even had the gall to speak against the ministry and teachings Charles Finney! The man is arrogant.



In one post, Ante Pavkovic - who whines about people 'slandering' him when all that's been done is a collection of his infantile posts:
a) Calls a Christian brother a 'heretic'
b) Uses a generalization (he attacks everyone and everything) that is absurd on its face
c) Calls the man a hypocrite

And after all these expressions of Christian love, what does Ante say?

"He has slandered thousands of ministers."

The only thing I would say is that operating on the principle of "It takes one to know one," perhaps Ante is right when he calls Hank a hypocrite. If anyone would know about hypocrisy, it's Ante Pavkovic.

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