Time Elapsed Since Ante Pavkovic Lied And Said He'd Debate Maestroh

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Is King James Onlyist Ante Pavkovic Quoting From the New Living Translation?

On February 5 of this year, Operation Save America's resident nutbag Ante Pavkovic launched another one of his broadsides against his fellow Christians. Pavkovic has become something of an Internet clown over the last decade with his hateful 'defenses' of the King James Bible as the only real Bible, including attacking this particular blogger personally numerous times.

Why then in the speech cited did Ante Pavkovic cite from the New Living Translation bible in his diatribe against Todd Bentley?

What did Ante Pavkovic say on March 8, 2001 on his very own "Charisma" thread?

A prayerful, open study of all the materials, including a understanding of the argument posited by Hills regarding where the logic of faith and Preservation leads, causes you to come to a right conclusion. You cannot escape where the trail of truth, facts and history lead--the AV1611. It is THE BIBLE.

He follows this with:

The obvious fact that God refuses to let men push aside the version that He was pleased to give to the world should cause you to be careful sir, lest on judgement day you find that you partook of other men's sins--the attacking and undermining of the very words of God. I know that such a thought is foreign to most christians, who don't even think about the fact that one day they will stand before God and give a thorough account to Him. What seems like nothing now may be a BIG DEAL THEN!

Why then after saying that somebody was undermining the very words of God would Ante Pavkovic himself use a version that - according to him - is based on a "Hortian lie" (3/7/01) and undermines God's Word?

The answer, of course, is that Ante Pavkovic is a pompous hypocrite who thinks God has one set of standards for him and another for every single other person on the planet. This is hardly the first time Pavkovic has been caught dead-to-rights being a hypocrite as this blog amply documents.

OSA may or may not be a KJVO organization, I don't know; I do know, however, they have a hypocrite as one of their leading front men.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yet Another Lie By Ante Pavkovic

The Internets have been quiet with any response from Ante Pavkovic. Face it, when you get caught red-handed LYING out your backside (as he has) and being two-faced, you simply keep a very low profile. But just so we can establish a quick link for anyone looking for information on this pathetic liar, let's make it simple.

Now let's make it clear: Ante Pavkovic has said VERY CLEARLY : "Well, he was a slanderous liar. Where do liars go? See Rev 21:8"

Make no mistake: Ante Pavkovic has determined from his own warped interpretation of Scripture that liars go to Hell. Fair enough. So then if we can simply prove that Ante Pavkovic himself LIES then what would that mean? Well, it would mean he's heading for a Southbound address, hot with no chance of clouds. Can we determine that Ante Pavkovic lies? Yes, we most certainly can. It is EASY to prove - so easy that his only 'rebuttal' has been to say that if you say he lies then you yourself are lying.

But let's go one step further: the same Bible Ante reads that says liars go to Hell ALSO says that hypocrites go to Hell (Matthew 24:51). So if one can prove Ante Pavkovic himself is a hypocrite then - according again to his own flawed human reasoning - Ante Pavkovic is going to Hell. Except, of course, he repents, which we pray for.

So given these foundations as voiced by Ante himself - can we find proof Ante Pavkovic lies? And can we find proof that Ante Pavkovic is a hypocrite?

The answer - sadly - is a pure and undiluted "yes." Here is a link list of examples:

1) Ante Pavkovic violated the very rules he promised he would follow at CARM.

Among the rules at CARM are no personal attacks (which he violated repeatedly), no public questioning of the moderators (which got him banned twice), and no coming back posting under another name. In a world where God said his yes should be yes, Ante hid under another name. First, he came back and posted as OneCalvinist. Then he came back and posted as praisejah.

(Some links don't work because he was banished forever from CARM - which only proves the point that he lied when he agreed to abide by the rules).

2) Ante calls people unbiblical designations and insists he has NOT done so.

His quote from CARM:
Maestroh likes to call people morons, asses, idiots, fools, and the like. I HAVE NOT called him such things--that is name calling.

But note here he calls me - among other things - a quack. Is THAT a biblical term?

No. But Ante says that using unbilbical designations is name calling. Yet that is EXACTLY what he did unless he can show me quack in the KJV.

3) On June 23, 2007, he claimed: "I would rather debate you live and in person before a church or crowd, with a moderator...If you want a debate, a real debate, and if you are so sure of your position, arrange a live debate, make sure YOU show up, and we'll see whose position is "flimsy". But the moment I found a moderator, I got some 20 or so excuses as to why he couldn't debate. In short, this Internet bully's answer went from "Let's rock" to "I've got a hangnail."

4) Ante stated that the NIV translation "had no reasons" for rendering Micah 5:2 as origins. What is funny is that this is one of the first points I made to him in March 2001 - on those threads he started posted and then thought better of.

But he had been warned TWICE before making this lying claim.

5) Ante uses Wikipedia after bashing another person for using Wikipedia citing it's unreliability.

6) Ante cites David Cloud as a source but then declares Cloud to be unreliable.

So what have we established?

Ante Pavkovic is a liar, plain and simple.

Ante Pavkovic is a hypocrite, plain and simple.

He needs to actually repent rather than calling for others to do what he is unwilling to do. His offense is public and consequently his repentance must also be public. Otherwise, Operation Save America has no business having a public liar in their ministry. If they do then it is a reflection upon them as aiding and abetting a known liar.